Scandinavian Fashion Photography/ Preus Museum

Discovering the heritage of fashion photography.

The exhibition ”Motefotografi – tradisjon og nyskapning (Fashion Photography – Tradition and Innovation)” presents a historical look-back on the genre fashion photography. Works of eight Scandinavian photographers that are all active today are also hand-picked to illustrate contemporary variety and complexity of the genre:

Siren Lauvdal, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Jørgen Gomnæs, Lukas Renlund, Torkil Gudnason, Mads Teglers, Julia Hetta og AORTA/Marco Grizelj & Kristian Krän.

Melancholic feel

Danish Mads Tegler likes to shoot portraits and art photographs. He tells us what he finds typical for Scandinavian fashion photography:








– It‘s very melancholic and modern, but at the same time it makes me think of bold edges.

No more rules

What started as a small genre at the beginning of the 20th century has now become one of the biggest creative fields of photography today. Not too long ago this industry was only about describing, showing off and selling a product.

A new era has given photographers wide open doors when it comes to being creative and letting the imagination run wild. Especially the transition from analog to digital camera has played a major role for the continuation of ideas and imagination of photo stories.

Alice in Wonderland

The exhibition at the Preus Museum in Horten shows how far such ideas and incredible imagination can play out on photos.

One example is the Danish photographer Torkil Gudnason who uses inspiration from Tim Burtons ‘’Alice in Wonderland’’ to capture the imagination of a fantasy land in his own interpretation of ‘’Alice.”

Own voice

Norwegian photographer Siren Lauvdal was present at the opening on Sunday. She is proud have her series shown at the exhibition:

– Fashion photography has always been my biggest passion. If it were possible, I would live from only shooting fashion photos.

– Seeing all the different works hanging on the walls here, it is clear that each and every one of us have our own voice, which shines through in our photographs. That’s what makes photography so amazing.

Next Generation

Being the youngest of them all, Finnish photographer Lukas Renlund has already worked for magazines such as Smug, Elle Man and Zoot Magazine. Renlunds goal is to turn his work into a personal project and at the same time being able to live from it.

Where do you see the future of Scandinavian fashion photography go?

– I definitely think there is a greater future for it. The typical clean and solid style that we have here in Scandinavia is already very popular in the USA, and it’s only a matter of time when the rest of the world will discover it.


Photos and words: Henrikke Hammett Havaas


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