Mardou & Dean showed and celebrated their newest collection at Kanonhallen last Thursday. The designer duo Ingrid Bredholt and Patrik Rosenfors founded Mardou & Dean in 2006. As always, they delivered a great collection, and we are looking forward to continue following them in the future. Photos by Nina Rebekka Forsberg.

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_46 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_41 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_47 copy


020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_37 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_34 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_32 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_33 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_28 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_22 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_17 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_16 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_8 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_11 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_6 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_45 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_44 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_43 copy@

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_42 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_38 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_36 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_31 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_30 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_25 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_24 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_19 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_14 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_13 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_10 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_4 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_2 copy

020714_M&D_Kanonhallen_1 copy

Photos by Nina Rebekka Forsberg

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